//sorry I´ve already done it three times, so I will only answer the questions ;) nevertheless, thanks for tagging me :D //

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I was tagged by the illustrious megglesthetribble

questions I´d been asked:

1) One item on your bucket list: being at a star trek convention at least once
2) What is your favorites word? Aye
3) How would you spend the day with your double? playing Laser Quest and talking about Star Trek
4) Hogwarts House? Hufflepuff or Griffindor
5) Who is your cosplay dream? Tom Paris or Ash Ketchum
6) Favorite Christmas (or other holiday) song? uff, dunno sry, perhaps “Long time ago in bethlehem”? or our German ones ;)

Word Association

7) Banana: yummy
8) Duck: Donald Duck
9) Book: bedtime (´cause I always read books before sleep)
10) Lamp: Light
11) Star Trek: Tom Paris (haha my favorite <3)


//sorry I´ve already done it twice, so I will only answer the questions ;) nevertheless, thanks for tagging me :D //

The Rules:

  • Always post the rules
  • Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.
  • Tag 11 people and link them to the post.
  • Actually tell people you’ve tagged them.

Tagged by lostxtooxmany:

Questions asked of me:

  1. Have you ever been outside of your home country?   Yes, several times.
  2. Are you under the age of 18? Yes, I´m seventeen.
  3. Why are you here on Tumblr? a friend (berinbaka) told me about it.
  4. Do you have a favorite t-shirt? hehe, yes, my black Jack Daniels shirt bc its so comfy
  5. Can you juggle? Aye, with tree balls ;) but not that good.
  6. Did you buy your theme? nope, it´s free
  7. Where do you keep your toothbrush? next to the washbasin
  8. Pick up the book nearest to you, turn to page 17, skim down to the second paragraph. What is the first sentence of said paragraph? Well its a German book, the translation could be: “Despite the deep bow Janeway got the impression that he saw an equal person in her.
  9. What is your favorite type of tea? earl grey or black tea
  10. What will/have/are you major(ing)(ed) in college? uhm, maybe history?
  11. Are you allergic to mangoes? nope, luckily not

Answer all the questions and then pass it on to 10 of your followers. I was tagged by: transboytomparis

Name: Lisa
Nickname: kjay
Birthday: March 18th
Gender: female
Sexuality: dunno yet ;)
Height: 163 cm
Time Zone: GMT +1
Time and Date where you are: september 9, 13:41
Average hours you sleep: 7-8
OTP’s: paris/torres, trip/t´pol, chakotay/seven, janeway/chakotay, doc/seven, data/natasha yar, and many others
Last thing I googled: weather eastbourne
First word that comes to mind: roleplay
My most used phrase(s): “aye!”, “not yet”, “sir” and “(ST character) once said/did…”
Last thing you said to a family member: thank you, daddy.
A place that makes you happy and why: my desk `cause I spend a lot of time here with my computer and drawing
How many blankets do you sleep under: 1
Favorite beverage (drink): coffe black, tea, diet coke (coca cola)
Last movie seen in the cinemas: Let´s be cops!
Three things I can’t live without: 1. star trek 2. brother 3. dog
Something I plan on learning: klingon, sign language
Advice to my followers: if something is difficult for you or you´re sad, enjoy everything (especially small things) like Data would do it (means with the eyes of an child) ;D

tagging megglesthetribble, jedicollins, nerdsarerhapsodic, oh-punky, delete-the-wife, iodessa, breezybree and who else wants to join in, I´m to lazy to write down more people :P No rush to do it ;)

I´m back

Hi there,

I´m back from my three week vacation. Thanks to all the new followers for following me ;) I promise I´ll post some new stuff asap ;D

So I´ll try to answer every ask-game and messages that strumbled into my ask box ;D Thanks for your patience!

For the curious ones of you: I´ve been to Eastbourne -> England. I stayed at a beautiful hostfamily and I went to London twice. I´ve got a picture of (wax) Patrick Stewart and me now :D bc I also was at Madame Tussauds. Additionally I found TOS DVD´s so I´ll watch TOS soon (already excited ;D). All in all it was an awesome trip!

Yours, Kjay

I’m on vacation

Dear friends, I’ll be on vacation for the next three weeks. I (properly) won’t have internet connection (and I definitely don’t have a computer) therefore I can’t post or answer messages. I’ll answer everything that I receive in my ask box when I’m back ;)
You can send me messages via kik-messenger (my ID: kjay9558) and I’ll try to answer you if I find a hotspot :)
Have a good time, =/\= LLAP


Meet The Blogger Tag


I was tagged by: youngestnavigator

Name:  Lisa

Age:  17

Gender: Female


I´m not comfortable with posting selfies ;)

Favorites:  too mucht to count all, Lover of Star Trek, most VOY. favorite characters: Tom Paris, Chakotay, The Doctor, Trip Tucker, Q, Data, Chekov, T´pol, Wesley Crusher and much more!

Food: ice cream

Drink: coke light

Book: Jerry Cotton / Cotton reloaded

Author: Peter Mennigen (Cotton reloaded 6 - corpses lake)

Song: Rockstar - Nickelback, Come as you are - Nirvana

Movie: Knight and Day

Tv show: Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek TNG, Star Trek ENT, The big bang theory, How I met your mother, two and a half men (OMG, I watch to much TV :D )

Band: Bon Jovi, ACDC, Nirvana, Guns N´ Roses (I don´t have one band, i like much)

Solo artist: Michael Jackson (forever in my heart), Lenny Kravitz

Place: my home city Hannover, Eastbounr (fav. holiday location), Berlin

Subject: History, Politics

Sport: Soccer (or football, name it as you want)

Male actor: [crushes:] Robert Duncan McNeill, Robert Beltran, Karl Urban, [awesome actor:] Robert Picardo

Female Actor: Jeri Ryan


Best friend: at tumblr: kathyjaneways, but I have much people that I love talking to

Siblings: younger brother 

Dream job: (Starfleet officer), teacher at secondary school or actor

Political ideology: Social Democrat

Religion: -


Piercing: never

Languages: English, German, Latin, and a bit Klingon

Tumblr: what am I supposed to write here?

Reason Behind URL: Tom Paris

Reason behind icon: Tom Paris lovely smile

Tracked tags: kjay9558, kjay9558.5, captainxproton, holodoctor, kessik04 (my blogs tbh) and chakoday, Tom Paris :3

Why you joined: berinbaka told me in school about Tumblr, and itroduced me to Tumblr — Thanks a lot!

First URL: kjay9558, my first blog, I´ve never changed URL

Number of blogs: 7 active ( kjay9558, kjay9558point5, amal-kotay, kessik04, moral-officer, RP: captainxproton, holodoctor) and one inactive

I tag: kathyjaneways, megglesthetribble, delete-the-wife, breezybree, nerdsarerhapsodic, lotsavrngersgirl, oh-punky, lostxtooxmany, kncrowder88, lodessa, lovelylittlelizzard, whathappensontheholodeck, opakakaek, pangalactics, cmdr-beverlycrusher-md, somewherebetweenrealityanddream, captainsassistant   and everyone else who hasn’t done the thing yet? I hope I didn´t miss someone.